Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister from 1940-1945 lead his country through the dark days of World War 2. While most acknowledge him as a world-famous leader, we introduce you to another characteristic of him and his fondness for customised tailoring. As the Nazi propaganda penetrated British borders, bomb raids were soon turned in to reality from mere probabilities. Tough situations call for tough measures, which is where Churchill came up with his stroke of a genius, the “siren suit”.

The siren suit, romper pants or onesies, was an outcome of safe and urgent clothing in times of seeking shelter during bombarding. Churchill and his campaigns revamped the former “factory worker’s outfit” into fashion. These suits came into being for protection and comfort, however, the only burns Winston’s suits suffered were from his cigar burns.

Winston Churchill had his siren suits tailor-made by his shirtmaker, Turnbull & Asser. These siren suits were comfortable because of their loose fit enabling easy movement due to the addition of pleats. Further, they included large pockets secured with belts and zippers. Today Winston Churchill’s customised siren suit stands tall on a commissioned bespoke mannequin for display due to Winston’s large body proportions.

Some might consider the siren suits “the need of the hour” whereas this former British leader sure did put thoughts into engraving his touch in his clothing with various customisations such as pin-striped, velvet and other. Winston’s tailor-made siren suits made fans of Mrs.Roosevelt as well, whom upon meeting Winston at White House in a siren suit declared one to be customised for her husband as well.

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