Shoe Brands in India

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Shoe Brands in India

The types of shoes that every man should own include sneakers, moccasins, boots, loafers, formal (Oxford to monkstraps, and derby), and trainers. If you are building your shoe closet or are in need of new pairs, since Converse and flip-flops don’t cut it anymore, let us point you to the best men’s shoe brand in Bangalore. Sculpere as a brand updates their collection every six month with the best shoe quality in entire Bangalore, when its comes to leather handmade shoe.

This is a classic casual loafer for men, based off the original Bass Weejun design. They’re a great match for chinos, jeans, cords, or just about any other casual trouser. The signature design details are the rounded moc toe, the “beefroll” bindings on the sides of the vamp, and the diamond-shaped slit which has been known as a clever place to store actual pennies.

Loafers are a good type of shoe because they can be worn on many different occasions. They can be worn everywhere work home anywhere. They are worn everywhere to dress up or down. You can match them with basically anything you have. When they are worn with jeans, they are most a casual look. These shoes can be worn everywhere that you go every day.

Although ‘tasselled loafer’ may to some ears say ‘yuppie’, the style first came about thanks, not to an white-collar dickhead, but a man by the name of Paul Lukas.

Lukas, an Oscar-winning Hungarian-born actor who starred in films including The Lady Vanishes (1938) and Watch on the Rhine (1943), was well known for his debonair style. As the story goes, at some point during the 1940s Lukas approached several shoemakers, instructing them to design a shoe that riffed on a tasselled Oxford style he’d picked up in Europe.

Subtly decorated in comparison to the fairly sober and traditional penny, tassel loafers satisfied mid-century America’s demand for an elegant, dressy shoe design that didn’t sacrifice practicality.

Today, arguably the best-known tassel model is the cordovan. Unlike most formal leather shoes – which are made from calfskin – cordovan loafers are crafted using the subcutaneous layer of a horse’s rump.

Equal parts practical and natty, it’s little wonder loafers make for the perfect shoe during the warmer months or while on holiday.

“If looking for an understated but effortlessly cool summer look, team a linen shirt with a pair of light-coloured cotton chinos and a pair of suede tassel loafers.”

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