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With a keen attention to detail and an expertise in fine garment construction, the Sculpere dress shirt is a classic garment which has been reinterpreted for a modern man. Read the guide and discover more about Sculpere’s men's dress shirts.

The seam with more than 7 stitches per centimetre and the small fabric pentagons applied to the sides known as gussets, are synonymous with quality manufacturing and prevent your made-to-measure shirt from tearing.

The collar of a shirt is the most visible part when worn with a jacket, so it should come as no surprise that this detail determines the formality and style of your entire look. Our collars are available in different patterns. All Lanieri collars are equipped with removable collar stays to keep the shape of the points and stop them from lifting throughout the day.

They barely emerge from your jacket sleeve, no more than a centimetre and a half of fabric. And yet in terms of style, they can really make the difference. Cuffs are one of those small details that can render a custom-made shirt truly fitting for a certain look or occasion. Customise your tailored shirt by choosing between 7 different cuff patterns, suitable for cufflinks or buttons.

White or black with a thickness of 2 or 4 millimetres, in mother-of-pearl or polyester, you can customize your new shirt with the buttons you prefer and choose the colour of the button thread. The traditional lily stitching is one of those details that add a touch of refinement to the garment.

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