MTO Shoes


The inner and outer layers, as well as the soles, are made from genuine leather. We ensure that all our products have the highest quality, durability, and comfort. Our leather comes from some of the finest known domestic and international tanneries.

We also offer suede leather to construct high quality handmade shoes.

Sculpere shoes are handmade in a state of art workshop in India and some of the production done in Italy, Turkey. Its excellence and tradition in shoe production, trusted by all major luxury brands.

Sculpere attaches great importance to quality and superior craftsmanship.

All our shoes are entirely handcrafted by our skilled team in India, from cutting the unique patterns of the design you picked, each pair of shoes is a thorough work of precision.

The process is simple, when you are on our home page, click on Shop, Under shop click on “Made to Order – Design Your Shoe” and this will take you to our unique platform.

You can start your design by selecting Model type (DERBY, OXFORD etc.). Then continue on by selecting your desired Style. Once these are selected you can choose from leather, suede, etc.

Once you are done with above then check carefully shoe size with your existing or regular brand (UK/US). Then you can select the construction of shoes as below –

Cemented Construction – This Is The Fastest, And Most Common Method Of Attaching The Sole Of A Shoe. Once The Upper Is Shaped And Completed Around The Last, The Sole Is Attached With An Adhesive And No Welting Is Used.
It Is A Quick Way Of Attaching The Sole. It Also Is A Superior Method Of Attachment For Rubbery Soles That Are Used In Casual Shoes.

Blake Construction – In Blake Construction, The Upper Is Wrapped Around The Insole And Attached Between It And The Outsole. A Single Stitch Attaches Everything Together. It Is A Process That Allows For Resoling Once The Outsole Is Worn Or Damaged. Gives The Shoe More Formal Look.

Goodyear Welted Construction – Goodyear Welting Is The Oldest, Most Labour Intensive, And Most Durable Of The Three Methods Of Construction. It Can Be Done By Hand And Involves Multiple Steps.
The Two-Level Stitching Makes It Incredibly Easy To Resole A Goodyear Welted Shoe. The Extra Layers Make The Shoe More Water Resistant And Supportive.

After selecting your desired construction, please select the sole from HYBRID, Full Leather, Rubber. You can add your initials on the sole of the shoes. This can be best gifting to your loved once.

Exceptional quality shoes can last years, but only if they are properly cared for.
Conditions – First use a soft brush to remove any excess dirt from your shoes. After cleaning, gently wipe with a soft polishing brush. Remove the shoe laces and condition your shoes with a natural shoe wax to soften and moisturize the leather, until the entire shoe surface has been covered. After a few minutes, wipe off any remaining wax. Ideally, one should condition one’s shoes once a month, particularly if you are wearing the shoes regularly.

Polish – Apply polish to your shoes sparingly and in circular motions with a small brush or cloth. Pay particular attention to the areas around the toe and heel. Allow the leather to absorb the polish. Buff your shoes with a brush, and then follow with a cloth, using a sawing motion on the surface to give the shoes an extra gleam and shine.

Customer can immediately connect via contact@thesculpere.com or call customer care with
in 10 days post-delivery. You need to return the product in the same packaging as received on first day. Shoes will be reviewed at our factory office as per terms and conditions. Product should be in good condition or mildly used.

If there are minor issues, same will be immediately rectified and couriered to you with in 12-15 working days. Or if there will be bigger quality issues. We will replace those immediately. This entire activity can take 12 to 15 working days.

Any leather damage, i.e. deep cut marks.
Any stitches coming lose.
Pasting of the sole coming off.

From a set standard characteristic, which are

  • Any natural marks on leather.
  • Colour variations to a certain extent, creasing on wearing.
  • Excessive creasing is due to wearing of ill-fitting shoes, so it cannot be concluded as a
    quality issues.
  • Any damages to the shoe / sole due to Excessive wear in wet condition or subjecting the shoe to water cannot be concluded as low quality shoe making.
  • Customer is fully responsible to select right size as per his existing shoe size. Our fits are standard and tried and tested. Sculpere team always re-connects to verify entire order after 24 hours of order confirmation. We always request our customers to share all the details on sizing (If any) or any special note for our factory reference.
  • If customer raises a query to reduce the size of the delivered shoe with in 10 days. Same will be reviewed and advised to customer.
  • We will not accept any request of changing a size or requesting higher size in any order.

The handcrafting of your shoes begins the day after your order has been placed. If you wish to make changes or request to cancel/refund, please get in touch with our team at contact@thesculpere.com or call customer care within 8 hours or immediately of your order confirmation. However Sculpere/brand reserves the rights to cancel any request in this regard.

We always call to customer within 24 hours after order confirmation to confirm the styling and order part. We don’t accept order cancellation or refund during this call.

We can make changes to your order as long as that specific change is still within our reach. This will be properly reviewed and informed to customer with in 2 working days.

Once the order processed/completed/delivered. it cannot be cancelled in any circumstances. It’s handcrafted for you, therefore same cannot be returned or cancelled. Please read our terms and conditions.

We offer several payment options such as: Visa, Master Card, American Express, PayPal with partners like CC Avenue, PayUMoney.

Yes. Please note that the credit card must be issued and contain a logo from either Visa, Mastercard or American Express on it.

We will provide warrantee for below constructions. Please note the terms and conditions.
1. Blake Construction – 3 services with in 3 months from the date of purchase.
2. Goodyear Welted Construction – 6 services with in 6 months from the date of purchase.

Terms: – Only below conditions will be serviced.
Breaking of sole due to excessive use.
Breaking of sole stitches due to excessive use.
In case of general refurbishment of certain shoe parts, which includes shoelaces, insole and polishing.