Winston Churchill’s Stroke of A Genius- “The Siren Suits”

Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister from 1940-1945 lead his country through the dark days of World War 2. While most acknowledge him as a world-famous leader, we introduce you to another characteristic of him and his fondness for customised tailoring. As the Nazi propaganda penetrated British borders, bomb raids were soon turned in to reality […]

An Indian Legacy- The Nehru Jacket

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, an Indian freedom activist and subsequently the first Prime Minister of Independent India left his imprint on the world history with Panchsheel, Non-Alignment Movement and his world-famous jacket. The Nehru jacket came into being in the 1940s. Influenced by the colonialism of the British and the yearn to stay intact with the […]

Art of The Possible-Bespoke Tailoring

Walk with Kings-nor lose the common touch”, if words are to go by Rudyard Kipling did state a guideline for a complete gentleman. Sculpere holds a similar vision of redefining characteristics of a phenomenal man with customised grooming. The case of craftsmanship is such that it only becomes refined with sensibilities. As the requirement for […]

The Curious Case of Cummerbund

Another laurel from Indian cultural trove, the word “cummerbund” traces its roots back to the Persian phrase “kamar-bandi” . It is a combination of the words “kamar” (waist) and bandi”(band). The English military officers during their term in colonial India opted for the cummerbund as an alternative to the waistcoat. As the Victorian era began, […]

The Bespoke Movement-Savile Row

London based dandy Savile Row in Mayfair, London was formerly known as Savile Street. In days bygone, the street was dominated by military officers and their wives. However, once the tailors set foot and their mastery started running, the face of the Row changed effectively. The street is principally known for its traditional bespoke tailoring. […]