Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, an Indian freedom activist and subsequently the first Prime Minister of Independent India left his imprint on the world history with Panchsheel, Non-Alignment Movement and his world-famous jacket.

The Nehru jacket came into being in the 1940s. Influenced by the colonialism of the British and the yearn to stay intact with the Indian nationalism, Nehru-jacket is a closed neck coat. It was an appealing alternative to the single-breasted version of a standard jacket. The grace of this jacket rested with its mandarin collar.

A leader and a visionary, Nehru was a man of taste. It could be a coincidence but figureheads do feel the urge to anoint strong opinions in their clothing. He groomed himself with a Kurta, Bundi and completed the look with a long coat. Nehru jackets made their way to Europe and America. However, the Nehru jackets reached the skies when the Beatles decided to wear them in1960.

If it were just the execution of a construct, perhaps Nehru jacket would not have contributed in Indian footprints on the world map. The sense of accomplishment a well-tailored garment gives surpasses all pret-a-porter. Nehru jacket till date remains an Indian men’s wear staple, a sign of authority.

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